The Company has been serving actively in the field of Real Estate.

The company has been transforming the skylines of NCR and its surrounding regions by building some acclaimed residential and commercial projects. Their motto of 'Expanding Horizon" and building world-class projects, the company witnessed a steadfast in recent times.


Main Highlight

Our Main highlight is of building quality and strong construction that stands for decades.

Our residential and commercial project in and around NCR/Delhi are the major highlights that make us grow. Moreover, we also worked on building premium townships, shopping malls, and hotels. Our unmatched quality in design and price, keeping budget in the mind makes us unique in Real Estate sector.

Our expertise lies in utilization of space and breath-taking design which has turned many dreams into reality.


Our eventual aim is to carry out outstanding bricking accomplishments across the indian cities and our belief is precisely reflected in our constructions. We have, till now delivered scores of residential and commercial projects and have thus constructed millions of square feet since JNC's inception. Wherever we have been we have refurbished the very face of the place.

Johnny Walker


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Jack S. Daniels


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Casper Morgan


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